The HOT FROG engine pre-heater is a universal plug-in pre-heater,  which will warm up a car’s engine block .

to prevent a cold start. 

The result is, the engine starts far easier. Starting a warm engine subjects the engine   

 to a lot less wear and tear and uses less fuel, producing fewer harmful emissions.

The HOT FROG engine pre-heater has the perfect performance due to an inner circulation pump and careful design.

When started, the pre-heater’s pump forces the coolant to circulate between the pre-heater and the engine. 

This pre-heater heats the coolant continuously, and the circulating coolant fluid warms up the engine and the radiator.

This works automatically, with an internal thermostat. This is set to turn off the heater at 80 degrees C and turn on

at 70 degrees C.The HOT FROG 1200 C engine pre-heater warms up the whole engine block really fast.

A non-pump pre-heater depends on weak convection, and any slight residual gas will resist coolant circulation. 

The power output therefore is lower and would only be medium duty.
The pre-heater is connected in series into the car's

heater hose or the engine short circulation hose Firstly, find the correct hose and a suitable installation position, ensuring

that the pre-heater is installed vertically and that the position is lower than the top level of the coolant.  Make sure you

keep the pre-heater away from
any fuel pipes, hot or moving components. Partly drain the coolant, ensuring the chosen

hose is empty. 
Cut the chosen hose with a saw or a knife. Connect the two hot/cold nipples of the pre-heater with two

ends of the  hose, then clamp the hose tightly. Fill the system with CLEAN coolant. Start the engine and keep engine

running for a few minutes to discharge any residual air out of the cooling system. Check for leaks and coolant level, and

ensure the coolant is full.Plug the power cord into the pre-heater, routing this away from any hot or moving components.

PLEASE Do not move the plug from the pre-heater in daily use unless you replace it.